Sunday, 1 April 2018

Sakura D4: Update iii

Not sure if you've been reading along but I have been having issues with the front end of this D4. After playing around with many different settings, I decided enough was enough and something had to be done about the front caster.

So I went on the lookout for some caster adjustment options. The most simple and obvious ones would be to change the upper and/or lower suspension arms. Plenty of third party companies out there offering available parts as well as the 3Racing options.

As much as I would like to have gone for the cheapest option, I tend to stick to 3Racing unless I really like the look of something else. In this instance, I should have gone for something else...

We have Boom Racing, Usukani, Oxygen, Yeah Racing to name a few than make parts for the D4 and then there are other companies whose parts would fit such as Eagle Racing, MST, WUN, D-Like etc.

The 3Racing ones are pretty decent build, come in black and pink (I went for black) and of course are designed specifically for this chassis. However, no caster adjustment which defeats the whole point.

What I have had to do is fit MST HT lower arms which I had in my spares (redrilled to 3mm) and pushed them back as well as adding an additional spacer on the top arms to get my to approximately 6* caster.

The supplied turnbuckles are also quite short so don't work with my extended lower arms so I have had to swap those out. Will need to change them again as I have maxed out camber at -3*! Perhaps I should've gone for something else?

Any who, I'm committed now. Having been out on the track with some minor tweaks to the suspension, the chassis is handling a lot better on the front end. I have also added 20g on the front shock tower but may be adding more. I believe this has had a major effect on the front handling.

Let me know how you guys have overcome the high caster issue, I will be interested to know what arms I should have gone for.

I have also changed the gyro. As I was having some trouble with intermittent front wheel shake with the SkyRC GC301, I swapped it out for an Onisiki gyro. Not a premium brand but I can say I literally felt a major change in function with this gyro and don't know why I didn't get one sooner!

This chassis is almost coming to the point of sale so keep an eye out if you're interested.

Thanks for reading and as always, keep drifting fun!