Monday, 22 January 2018

Sakura D4: Update ii

New year!! Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and had some time off.

Update on the D4:

I'm quite happy with how the rear is setup; good amount of forward and lateral traction but I would like a little more visual movement. I will also be looking to have a play with a ball diff setup.

The front however, I'm not too happy with it. The steering works great, good toe and Ackerman throughout but I'm thinking perhaps the geometry needs tweaking. Either that or I'm using the wrong springs; there seems to be some understeer.

Recent changes:
Overdose 5wt mineral oil
3Racing front spring (25 x 1.5)
Top L6, bottom 3
HPI 10wt oil
MST soft spring (32 x 1.2)
Top L1, bottom 1

Tweak on and keep drifting fun.