Sunday, 12 November 2017

Damper Setting

I've been doing a lot of reading on Ameba about dampers as they can make or break a chassis.

This one below was really interesting. The writer is a Yokomo driver and explains about damper angles.

What I've done is collected the pictures and translations (and made it a little more English-reader friendly) but you can find the original page HERE.
(All credit goes T-Yokomo from T-Yokomo's Blog on Ameba)

Read on:


This blog focuses on the rear of the chassis which is more effective for chassis behavior and also can be felt more when driving/drifting.
This is the stock upper and lower position on a Yokomo YD-2 (image 1).

(Image 1)

We'll start with the upper attachment of the damper. By changing the damper position here, it is possible to make adjustments on longitudinal (forward push) and lateral (sideways push) grip.

(Image 2) 

The following are advantages and disadvantages of the upper damper position:

Angle of damper: Vertical position (less angled) - image 2 left
Advantages: more longitudinal grip for forwards push
Disadvantages: less lateral grip which can cause oversteer (spin)

Angle of damper: laid down position (more angled) - image 2 right
Advantages: more lateral grip available to control drift
Disadvantages: less longitudinal grip, slow forwards acceleration


Lower damper position:

(Image 3)

Location of damper: outer mounting on lower arm - image 3 left
Advantages: more grip at the start of the drift
Disadvantages: less control while at big angle drift 

Location of damper: inner mounting on lower arm - image 3 right
Advantages: more control at big angle drift and second half of drift
Disadvantages: easy to oversteer when vigorously starting a drift (throw in and switchbacks)


As I have mentioned, all credit goes to T-Yokomo but there are unanswered questions such as:
1. how does this effect dampers that are attached to the upright? WUN VX or D-Like 2-way style.
2. where is the blog on front damper settings?

Maybe you can help with these? Reply in the comments box below and as always;

Thanks for reading and keep drifting fun!