Saturday, 16 September 2017

Sakura D4: Update

After over-frustrating myself trying to dial out the stock SAI angle these hideous D4 knuckles have, I decided enough is enough!
(Image source:

Having searched the interweb for alternatives, I quite fancied a set of Yeah Racing D4 knuckles particularly in the black.

(Image source:

Unfortunately, the black knuckles only come in the suspension upgrade set so I went for some 3Racing v2 black knuckles.

(Image source: 3Racing)

They have reasonable adjustment and pretty on the eyes especially that it's another step away from the pink lol.

I also found this link by on how to build a decent set of shock absorbers on a budget and decided that I would do the same. All bar the bodies as I would not be able to get them in time so I used some Eagle Racing alloy bodies from my spares kit along with the piston shafts.

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Having rebuilt the shocks, I factory reset the chassis. Yup, full strip and rebuild to manufacturers recommendations. Tidied up the wiring and re-positioned the gyro on the top deck above the battery.

I'm eager to see how it gets on and specially, start tuning again; it is all part of the fun after all. Still not fully convinced on the steering, may have to get the curve slide rack but we'll see.

Thanks for reading and remember, keep drifting fun