Thursday, 9 March 2017

Don't Fix What Isn't Broken

This is a notion which I apply everywhere and strongly believe. That being said, here comes my next project...

I have got myself a box standard D4. It was well overdue; my FXX and R31-16FM both being front motored, I though it's high time I attempt something with the motor further back.

This D4 started out as AWD but had been converted to RWD using basic changes. It is all still stock so what have I done?

Well I built it as per the RWD manual but while building, made a few changes. After building and analysing, I decided to widen the front track width.

This also meant  having to lengthen the top arms so I had to swap out the turnbuckles for longer ones. The idea behind this is that not only will it allow more clearance for the wheels, it also gives more stability and control.

(Apologies for blurry picture)

I also removed all of the shims. Having them all in, in my opinion, makes no difference to the roll center but will affect center of gravity. I will revisit these shims after running and testing the chassis as I am yet to have a go around a track.

Solid spool 33T fitted as standard and instead of the stock 16T pulley, this had been swapped with the 20T. This chassis also came with a longer belt to accommodate. With a 92T spur and 26T pinion, I get an FDR of 5.84; again, another item that may need to be tweaked.

Stock shock positions for now but I feel these will get changed very soon. I rebuilt the shocks (after a good strip and clean) and then filled them with 25 wt HPI oil - no 350 cst available.

I spent absolutely ages on the steering too! The SAI on the front knuckles is absolutely hideous but I'm at a workable position with good toe and Ackerman as well as camber.


I then completed the chassis with electronics that I had laying around. I'm really eager to see how this performs. Not just as a build but also as my first (almost?) RM chassis.

Thanks for reading and keep drifting fun!