Saturday, 10 December 2016

Yet Another Sakura D3 for Sale [SOLD]

Yet another Sakura D3 for sale. This was my nephew's daily after I ran it for a while both as CS and RWD. I've done enough of these so here are the key features:

Standard front motor design which I'm still favourable of. Centrally mounted motor at the front giving good side to side balance but some have found to be too front heavy. Still utilises the smooth triple belt drivetrain giving smooth power delivery.

I have added Eagle Racing TA05 steering adapters to get better steering angles including Ackermann which are included. This chassis has the stock arms and C Hubs fitted giving 10 degrees of caster.

The standard 2.14 CS is a little too high; some may disagree. I have changed this to 1.86 by swapping the rear 13t pulley for a 3Racing 15t aluminium pulley. The 22t plastic pulley has also been upgraded to a 22t Eagle Racing aluminium pulley
Rear solid axle still in place but a front one-way differential by 3Racing has been installed for the easiest of drift action control

Suspension components have not been changed. They are designed to accommodate the largest camber angle possible with the front and rear both allowing up to 10 degrees camber.

Coil spring oil filled shocks with threaded shock bodies allows a more progressive chassis roll action and easy tuning. These are preset with a combination of oils and springs to match the weight and body roll of this chassis.

Stock driveshafts are still fitted as they have always worked for me. So long as you follow the principles of korogashi, these driveshafts will handle any surface and drifting conditions

A 80 tooth 48 pitch spur gear as part of the standard Sakura D3 kit.

The dreaded -3 degrees rear toe-in has been changed by the way of swapping suspension blocks front to rear. Although other angles are affected at the front, these have been countered by the geometry setup.

Standard molded composite main chassis featuring a motor cooling air inlet and designed with the rigidity to ensure efficient side to side weight transfer to easily initiate high speed drifting.

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