Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Yokomo DP Basic Build and Review

Another build and review, this time on the Yokomo DP Basic. DP stands for Drift Package or you may also be aware of it being called a Dori Pake (Dorifuto Pakkeji) and is considered one of the best chassis' £150.

(Image source: Drift Mission)

So what's in the box? Of course you get a manual, unfortunately not in English but the images are clear and concise. There is also a spares and option parts list (some translation required) and the very popular numbered bag list including a set of wheel and R2 tyres.

Don't forget! Summary down the bottom should you wish to read through that first!

Let's get cracking...

Bear in mind that this is a kit form chassis so you will need some tools but also a rolling chassis so not electronics either. Everything is explained in the manual.

Bag 1, 2 and 3 - Toe blocks, spool and gear cases

The tub chassis made from composite molded plastic feels like it's made with good quality materials with minimal flex and has been cleaned off well. 4 plastic spools are supplied in this kit but I'll be fitting the Yokomo 1.5 CS solid metal axle and a front one way to make this chassis run smoother.

Bag 4 and 5 - Steering Set, Posts and Shaft

Although the steering set doesn't come with any bearings, you can get tthe bearings for them but the plastic bushes that are supplied do the job very well with smooth operation from lock to lock.

Bag 6 - Motor Mount

Nothing difficult here, a motor attachments fits to the motor using the supplied screws and pinion. The attachment is then used to adjust spur/pinion mesh.

Bag 7 - Servo Mount and Saver

I will leave this bag untouched as the mounts have to be fixed to the servo first before fitting them to the chassis.

Bag 8, 9 and 10 - Front and Rear Shock Towers, Drive Shafts, Uprights and Knuckles, C Hubs and Lower Suspension Arms

Very strong and sturdy plastic shock towers with NO flex! They both bolt straight on to the bulkheads and have many options to adjust the upper camber arm positions.

A strange one of the shafts; the fronts are your normal universal joint one-piece drive shaft but the rears are dogbone with cups that fit into the knuckle. First time I've come across this combination bu I suppose it makes sense as the rear shafts don't need to be as flexible. S you may have already realised, this is a AWD (and now CS) chassis.

Bag 11 - Shocks and Springs

My favourite! Although these are very different to ones I have dealt with before. No oil in building these.. No diaphragms, no pistons, oil seals, no anything? They go together pretty easy and they come with shock collars to adjust the ride height.

Bag 13 - Front and Rear Bumpers, Body Posts, Battery Strap and Spur Gear Cover

All straight forward here. A good sized bumper and two options for installing the front body posts. Simple battery strap with a nice Yokomo Emblem on it and a spur cover to neaten it all off as well as protect the gears beneath.

I also finished it off by installing the brake discs but not the wheels or tyres as this is down to owner preference.

So there's the build and review... Conclusion? Read on:

This is the basic version of the DP, suitable for beginners looking to get into RC Drift but also can be used by experts that have been drifting for some time. With countless manufacturers making upgrade parts for these models, any user can take this chassis from a basic lesson to a completely uniquely modded chassis to match the user and his/her driving style.