Wednesday, 15 June 2016

RPM Shock Duplicator

I've said time and time again; shock absorbers can make or break a drift chassis. The amount of time I've spent "fiddling" with my shocks and my friends' shocks is immeasurable.

(Image source: RPM RC Products)

I shared a video of the G-Force Shock Synchroniser a while back on my Facebook page. You can watch that video here. Well it turns out that RPM also make a similar tool called a Duplicator.

My friend Matt got a hold of one for me and I think it's great! We gave it a go on Matt's MR-D and noticed some discrepancies between the shocks. A quick tweak using the Duplicator (which was very straight forward) and we were away.

It's so easy to use and takes all the guesswork out. For some, shock building and setting comes easy, I'm still building that skill so using this handy tool in the meantime will give me better shocks.

I have since been around all my chassis' duplicating all the shocks because I simply can't help myself and think this tool is great!

A quick Google search and I found plenty shops selling this product, here is the link to the RPM website that has the serial number.

Thanks for reading and keep drifting fun!