Saturday, 27 October 2018

MST FXX Update (part 2)

I have to say, I absolutely love this chassis!! I don't even care that it's the S version! Makes absolutely no difference to me! However... 

If you've read my previous update, you would've seen my initial setup using the brushed MST combo that you get in the RTR version. Well I'm pleased to announce that I've upgraded that to brushless. OMG D-Run ESC with matching OMG 10.5t motor. The servo is still the Savox but let me tell you, it was a major difference going from the brushed to brushless.

I had to make some changes to accommodate the new electronics, counter the weight etc but I do love tuning as much as driving.

The other addition... Carbon fibre!

The amount of times I've praised the plastic and I'm still for it but after many FXX owners converted to FMX, there were a lot of bottom and top decks going up for sale. One caught my eye and I could not refuse so...

No longer of S status... Maybe it's now a FXX-D SSSG?

Whatever it may be, it's gonna need some more tuning (woop woop) and then she'll be flying around the track again!

  • Changed the FDR to 7.11
  • Stock springs all round
  • Fastrax 90wt oil in the front shocks
  • HPI-Racing 10wt oil in the rear shocks
  • Stock 3 hole pistons
  • Stock front damper angle (2)
  • Stock rear damper angle (3)
  • Stock rear lower arm damper position (4)
  • Stock front lower arm damper position (5)
  • Stock front upper suspension arms swapped across axle for more caster 
  • Stock rear camber arms - furtherest in towards bulkhead
  • Stock rear HT uprights - turnbuckled fitted to position 3, roll centre pin fitted in upper hole
  • Stock steering
  • (Think it's a) stock diffuser fitted with 30g weight
  • 10g weight behind battery
  • Heavy wheel weights (gold) installed on front wheels
Of course these are copied over from my S version so I'll be tuning and tweaking as soon as I get this car back on the track.

Thanks for reading and keep drifting fun!