Sunday, 20 March 2016

Back with a Vengeance

It's been a while since I've run, done or even mentioned anything about my R31-16FM. It's been "off the road" for a while now pending repairs and maintenance but she has now been restored and with some upgrades.

A friend found a link to a "spares or repairs" RWD version and I snapped it up. Albeit in bad condition, it had parts that I was going to get anyway and after a good clean up, they were fitted.

I know front motor chassis' are out but it's the sentimental value of this chassis which is why I'm going to bring it back to the track and make it my permanent CS chassis.

I've have come further with my knowledge and experience and believe that I can make it perform close to a mid or rear motor chassis. After all, the 1:1 guys are front motor! Speaking of motors, I have stripped the OTA of it's Novak combo and fitted it to 16FM. It was either that or the OMG combo from the FXX but I like that setup and the Novak 13.5T brushless motor would better suit the FDR.

Anyway, this is only a short blog, keep an eye out for more and keep drifting fun!