Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Kasemoto Gravity

Before we start, let me just state that although many websites claim that this chassis is based on the Eagle Racing R31-16FM, it is only loosely based on it as a front motor triple belt CS chassis. The same could be said about the Sakura D3 or the Devil Drift but this chassis is more similar to the Active Hobby TA06 (the only other chassis that I could find with the same motor mount).

(Image source: Kasemoto Racing)

Another chassis being looked at for a good friend and of course, a full strip and rebuild goes without saying. This is a standard version of the chassis with mostly plastic parts, alloy motor mount and some carbon parts (top and bottom deck and shock towers) but has had some upgrades:
  • Shock towers
  • Lower arms
  • 13° C hubs and knuckles
  • Suspension arm mounts
  • Bulkheads front and rear
  • Center pulley holder and
  • Steering linkages

As an avid fan and successful owner of a R31-16FM, this chassis being similar in design potentially boasts the same performance. The upgraded shock towers give more tuning options and the 13° of castor supplied by the alloy C Hubs just sweeten the deal.

Turnigy Trackstar GenII turbo 120a ESC matched with a 10.5 D-Spec motor and TS-915 servo making this a very competitive chassis.

All in all, I have so say that the potential of this chassis is very high and I'm eager to get it on the track and start tuning.

As always, keep drifting fun!