Saturday, 5 December 2015

Another Sakura D3 for Sale [SOLD]

(Image source: 3Racing)

Well here we have another one. I absolutely rate these chassis'; although they are outdated and superseded by the D4 (read here about that), they are still a very competitive chassis.

I have previously done a mini build an review so this will just be advertising this D3 that I am again, selling for a friend.

Here we have a basic, entry level chassis with some upgrades being sold as a RTR including batteries and charger.

The chassis:
Standard D3 with upgraded one way front differential and solid spool from 3Racing
Upgraded CS pulleys (third-party) keeping the stock 2.14 CS but comes with options and belts to change
3Racing 10° C hubs
A selection of wheels and tyres including MST silver dots for carpet
2 sets of asphalt tyres including original flinted D3 tyres
Speedline 2.2 wheels with CSC-0 tyres

MST brushed 22000 rpm motor and XFS15 ESC
Turnigy 1250 servo
FlySky GT3B radio and receiver
2 x Zippy hard case 5000 mAh batteries and LiPo safe bag
Imax B6 charger with power adapter

Purple Toyota Supra with (unfitted) light buckets

Stanley Fax Max tool box as a carry case which fits everything including a bodyshell

(Image source: Stanley Tools)

A very good package for anyone looking to get into the hobby or for an enthusiast building his/her collection.