Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Drift Line

One thing I've noticed around my local track is the mentality of the drifters. They seem to be more interested in making their chassis' look nice with fancy carbon, aluminium and sparkling body shells but there are only a few that actually try to replicate 1:1 drifting.

What I mean is this; 1:1 drifting follows a very specific line, a line set by the judges to get the drivers drifting as long as possible as well as being challenged. Speed is also considered but the outer clips are more important.

(Image source: RE-Xtreme)

This image is of the GCRC track indicating a RACE line, one that most people would've used growing up playing video games. It is NOT a drift line. This line shows the fastest way around a track, a line that gets you from start to finish in the shortest amount of time.

This is not drifting!

(Image source: RE-Xtreme)

Here is the same track but with a drift line overlay. What you'll notice straight away is that the drift line is longer and although it does go through apexes at points, that is only to set up for the next corner.

"Long entries, aggressive change of direction, and pushing the car into deep corners and running rear around the fences, barriers and track edges" - RE-Xtreme

These are what Formula D and D1GP judges look for and what you should be aiming for when deciding what line to follow around any track.

Take a good look and analyse. Run a few lines to get a feel of the track and to see what works best but what you really want to be doing is scraping the top of the walls (barriers) with your BGW while running the deep slow lines.

You can find the original post by RE-Xtreme HERE.