Friday, 5 June 2015

Shock Maintenance

I've spoken about the importance of setting up shock absorbers regarding oils and angles before, you can read about it HERE. What I haven't discussed yet is the importance of maintaining them.

I was at my local track trying out my new OTA-R31RS, which by the way is going pretty well, before breaking out the R31-16FM. At first I thought that changing from chassis to chassis had put me out but even after half hour, I was still having issues. Stick it on the table, let's have a look.

Check the camber, that looks good.
Check the height, also looks good.
Check the toe front and rear, set correct.
What could it be?

A quick bounce test highlighted that the rear wasn't operating correctly. I like the front set up, good bounce, smooth operation, nice feel. The rear just seemed to not be interested.

Fine, I've found the problem, let's fix it.

After trying a few different tweaks with springs and height, I was left with only the shocks to check...


So I got it home and stripped the rear shocks. I also took out all the CVDs and re-greased them. Once I had them all apart, I noticed that the oil was badly discoloured and one was worse than the other. Out came the shock pump (honestly, it's not mine!) and they were back together and rebuilt in no time.

This does mean that I'll have to re-set them but that will have to done on the track. I eagerly await to feel the results.


I usually do a complete strip and rebuild on a monthly basis because I enjoy working on the chassis as much as running it. Whatever floats your boat, make sure you're smiling when you're doing it.