Saturday, 13 June 2015


So I've just got a hold of a MST FXX-S; this is the most basic version. It is also my first proper RWD chassis and my first MST.

(Image source: Max Speed Technology)

I bought this used so I had to do a complete strip and rebuild. Not only will it highlight loose screws and flaws but I also get to learn the chassis - very important in my opinion. Every driver should know their chassis just incase they need to take it apart for whatever reason.

Overall, the plastic quality is pretty decent and it already has the HT suspension system so it's a winner in my eyes however.. No turnbuckles! What is it with these budget chassis and having no turnbuckles? The oil in shock absorbers have seen better days so they will be refilled. Also gives me a chance to find out what pistons are being used. Generally, pretty good nick,

I have set it up as per the manual but made minor alterations that I believe will benefit me. Need to work on FDR and figure out what motor and ESC to use but apart from that, I'm optimistically waiting to let her run free.