Thursday, 14 May 2015

OTA-R31RS. New Chassis?

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Somehow I stumbled upon a bargain of a deal; it was for an OTA-R31RS. Those who know me or have read my previous posts will know that I started out with the TEH-R31. This was the R2Hobbies clone version of the OTA-R31 but when I saw the deal, I just couldn't resist. is the shop doing this deal, they are a company based in Hong Kong and that's all I know about them. First time shopper though, I was a bit dubious as you can imagine but the package arrived safely and promptly.

People look down on clones but I loved my TEH-R31, it was my first proper drift chassis that got me going and, more importantly, got me learning. Severe learning curve as with any clone, there are parts that don't fit correctly, don't fit at all or end up snapping very easily but I won't fix anything that isn't broken. I still have the original plastic chassis and about 85% of the original components. That is of course until I upgraded to the R31-16FM chassis.

The OTA-R31 RS version is the pre-built version of the OTA-R31. This comes 90% built in a box with additional components to complete the build, parts that any level of RC enthusiast could take care of. There is also a manual in the box but I'll get to that later.

This isn't an "unboxing" but when I did unbox it, I was surprised to see a grey chassis... The images on the website show a black chassis which would have been nicer but I'm not fussed either way. This chassis will become my nephew's and he just better appreciate getting something for nothing or I'm taking it back!

Ah yeah, and also, Philllips screws everywhere!! WHY?!!?! Will need to change these ASAP.

There are also some other differences... The manual shows how to build the RS as if it were a kit but I noticed that something was amiss immediately:
  • The tub has a pattern which is not evident on the main chassis,
  • The rear part of the chassis is supposed to be a separate component and
  • It's supposed to have an "upper wing" (picture below). Not something for the bodyshell but for the chassis. Can't see it's purpose though.

Again, I'm not too fussed because I feel as though I already know this chassis but I have sent a concerned email and eagerly await their response.

UPDATE: I received an email from RCMada stating that the chassis is meant to be grey but the images on the website don't portray it correctly and that the manual is a generic one for all OTA-R31s. Strange.. Haven't seen an OTA that has an upper wing.. If you have one, share it so i can see it please.

The chassis itself is of good quality. The plastic of the main deck feels loads better than that of the R2H plastic but the other components feel like cheap plastic but this is a cheap plastic chassis so yeah...

It comes with:
  • Pretty wheels with a mirror behind them (not sure of the purpose, discs would've been nicer)
  • Rubber drift tyres (?)
  • Bando belts all round (nice touch)
  • Empty shock absorbers with springs that "feel" nicer than the R2Hobbies ones (finger thumb test)
  • A little play in the lower suspension arms which is easily resolved with shims
  • 4* caster hubs
  • 50/50 drive system
  • A 27T pinion
  • A wheel brace and 1.5mm Allen key
  • And an aerial mast (mast the right word?)

And I also thought it was a nice touch that they stamped it with the Street Jam logo (the original manufacturer) however, it doesn't come with any turnbuckles. Not one in sight! No camber adjustment or anything but 1° toe and 50° steering can't be bad. It does come with a solid rear diff and.... A front... Gear diff! Never used these before for drifting, dabbled will ball diffs but always wanted to give these diffs another go so I'm gonna be running it as it is because I'm fearless!

Just got to sort out some electrics, think I got a FlySky receiver laying around here somewhere, and get it on the track! Will post up the results and if I changed/had to change anything.

Thanks for reading and remember: it's not drifting if you're not having fun!